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Member Spotlight: When Harry Met Fort Houston

Harry Kagan was born Harry Wolf Lindy in 1913 in a cabbage patch in rural Louisiana. He is a level 78 dark elf lord with special ability Fire. When he’s not making artwork he plays in a band with his two roommates and best friends called Music Band. Interests include riding motorcycles, writing on Scotch™ tape with ballpoint pen, thinking about bogs, collecting knives, waking up laughing, watching Japanese bug fighting videos, etc. He can normally be found at Fort Houston in the Human Resources office with colleague Ian Bush. They use the space as a studio and to help Fort Houston members with their problems and concerns.

Why is Nashville a good place for you to set up shop and/or does location matter for what you are doing?
Location doesn’t necessarily matter for anything anymore because of Apple™ iPhone™ FaceTime® but I like living in Nashville because people here are very nice to you and every girl is incredibly pretty. I moved here to play music and most people in Nashville seem to be very good at listening to and making music. I don’t know much about the art scene here, but almost all the artists I know in town are very talented, dress well, and are great conversationalists.


What is the first thing you can remember creating?

When I was born, I created a general air of chaos and malaise felt by those around me.


When along your journey did things really begin to take root for you?

I’m not sure when exactly it happened but I think someone cast some sort of spell or hex on me a few years ago. I often wake up breathing a considerable amount of fire, which has been weird to adjust to. Also, I’m pretty sure my toes become webbed when I get near water. And lately every time I get into my car, a shadow comes over me and I become overwhelmed by a deep feeling of emptiness. But things seemed to “take root” I suppose about a year after I started living in Nashville. Everyone I know here is very supportive of their friends which is usually a great way to find motivation to continue what you’re doing.
What is your main inspiration/ subject matter?

The artwork and music I make both come from a similar place. I am compelled to make artwork about my struggle with the age-old battle between darkness and light. A lot of people think the stuff I make is “funny”, which I hope it is. Laughing is awesome to do. But I think my use of humor is a reaction to sometimes very devastating things I witness or experience. When I am facing darkness that is just how things come out in my work, and how I can best communicate my ideas to people. Of course life’s not all dark and sad all the time, it’s strange and funny and nice, too. But I think everyone has pain inside them, everyone gets lonesome, everyone wants to be close to something or someone. You’ve got to rise above all that. That’s what makes us human. You’re alive, so keep living.


Do you have any predominant artistic, cinematic, or musical influences?

My dreams, Bob Dylan, Garfield, marble, David Lynch, rolling dice, ragas, riding motorcycles, Haruki Murakami, Richard Fariña, Upstate New York, street justice, 1997 Ford Taurus.


What are you working on now?

I’ve been working on pieces for my first visual art show at the Fort. It’s called “Fugue State” and it’s with my good pal Ian Bush. It’s Saturday, February 7, which is the art crawl and also Fort Houston’s 3rd birthday bash and also my half-birthday, which, as someone mentioned to me recently, is not really a valid thing to celebrate. More specifically, I’ve been working on drawings, paintings, and other media in preparation for this show. It’s going to be very fun, I hope you will be there.


Images of artwork courtesy Harry Kagan.

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