Fort Houston February Art Show
Fugue State
Works by Harry Kagan
The road there is dark and full of turns around which you do not know what lies and there will be things that try to grasp you with little things and you will not be sure of yourself nor will you be sure of whether to stop or where you are going but I promise you will know when you see it because it is bright almost like a light but it is not a light though it will be very warm and for a second you will not be able to see anything at all but you will know when you see it because you will feel the way I do.
Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event
March 13-14, 2015
Friday (10am – 6pm) and Saturday (10am – 5pm)
We invite Guest Demonstrators to showcase their work at our Hand Tool Events. Our Guests often include other hand toolmakers, expert woodworkers, and woodworking organizations that share our passion for quality craftsmanship. They demonstrate, answer questions, and, like us, aim to encourage customers to do their best work. The Guests for this Event are:

Scott Meek - Scott Meek Woodworks