Fort Houston has been in business for over 3 years, and we have more experience running a maker space and reaching DIYers than anyone else. We have a direct line to the maker class, understand their influence on business and society, and know how to embrace and enhance its culture.

We built our business from the ground up with less than $5,000. We live and breathe “Grassroots.” As a business filled with fabricators and inventors, we know you can’t invent culture; it happens naturally. We understand that money can kill natural culture, and attitude is just as important as ergonomics. You can’t replicate authenticity. Therefore, we will never look to duplicate Fort Houston. However, we do believe in other cities and communities building their maker culture in the same, authentic way, and we want to help accomplish that in the least expensive way. Please contact us if you are looking to start your own maker community!

We can provide the following for your business:


Management Agreements

Operating Agreements

Architectural, Design, & Ergonomics Consulting

Demographic Marketing & Customer Loyalty Services

Email with any inquiries and checkout the infographic below, provided by CustomMade and Ghergich & Co, on how the the Maker Movement helps the economy.


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