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Introduction to the Basic Process of Silkscreen

Price: $70.00

Date: April 11, 2015

The three hour workshop will consist of demonstrations/print presentations and discussions. Students should bring something to take written notes with, all other materials will be provided.


  1. To understand and apply multiple silkscreen techniques while incrementally developing skills and craft in the medium.
  2. To become familiar with basic silkscreen terminology.
  3. To create aesthetically pleasing images through the medium of printmaking.
  4. To understand printmaking as a form of art, design, and a means of communication.

A one color/layer print will be the final outcome of this workshop. Most steps will be demonstrated by the instructors with hands-on help from the students. Each student will leave with one print, hand printed by them.

January 31st, 2015

11 a.m. - 2 p.m.


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Please Dress Accordingly

About the Teachers: 

Nicholas Schurman loves things like bowling, high fives and laughing. One day he hopes to be a good dancer, but for now he just likes dancing.  Nic's not completely terrible at making things, like friends. He dreams of one day giving his bloodhound, Django, a gold tooth.  Nic has mostly enjoyed screen printing for nearly a decade. Nicholas believes in the human race and wants people to go outside more.




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