Now located at 2020 Lindell Ave Nashville, TN 37203 behind the Simply Mac store! Click here to read more about Fort Houston’s expansion to a new campus, including over 3 acres of new industrial, retail, and office space!


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
August 18th, 19th, and 20th
Noon – 8 p.m.
Visit Fort Houston’s Art Gallery (through front doors, all the way back through the double doors into the offices), walk up the stairs, and enter SOLARIUM!
The sun’s atmosphere dances. Giant loops swell up over the surface. Waves sweep through. Eruptions of material five, 10, 50 times the size of Earth explode out into space.
Solarium — an innovative new piece of video art — puts you directly in the heart of this mesmerizing show. The art taps into a vast reservoir of imagery from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.
SDO watches ultratraviolet light invisible to the naked eye to track how material dances through the solar atmosphere. SDO takes a picture almost once a second — no other solar observatory has ever collected data on the entire sun at the speeds with which SDO does. Each image has eight times as much resolution as an HD TV.
Scientists use SDO to trace how material courses through the layers of the solar atmosphere, the corona, powering gigantic burst of x-rays called solar flares and eruptions of solar particles that swirl upward and fall back down — or sometimes escape the sun’s gravity altogether, surging out into space. The observatory records the solar images as a binary code, ones and zeros, which computer programs can translate into black-and-white pictures. Scientists colorize the images for realism, and then zoom in on areas of interest.
Each of SDO’s colors relate to a wavelength of ultraviolet light, which in turn relates to a specific temperature of material on the sun. Each color highlights different events on the sun, for example teal is best for seeing flares, and yellow is best for seeing the majestic loops hovering in the sun’s atmosphere.
To scientists, SDO provides unprecedented information on the star we live with; to the rest of us, it provides breathtaking images. Solarium makes viewers stop and stare, instantly transported from where they had been moments earlier.

Facilitators of Human Potential.

Fort Houston is a place for you to facilitate, grow, learn and work. We occupy 10,000 square feet in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood of Nashville, TN, complete with a full-scale wood shop, print shop, metal shop, 3D printers, darkroom, and miscellaneous work and desk space. Here’s how it works: You pay a monthly membership fee, and you get to make things in here. Oh, and taking a class or two can be fun, too, but you don’t have to be a member to do that!

A basic membership includes access to all of our facilities and 20% off services and classes. A premium or team membership allows access to all shops and facilities plus your own personal or team desk. Click here for more membership details!



A monthly membership at Fort Houston gives you access to one or all of our shops, including our top-of-the-line Wood Shop,  Metal Fabrication Shop, and full service Screenprinting shop.



Members and visitors alike have access to our Darkroom and 3D Printers for reasonable fees. Members get 20% off.


Events & Classes

Fort Houston hosts recurring classes and events, including introductory classes in each of our shops, special events, plus art exhibits in our gallery. Click here to see our full calendar.

Consulting & Fabrication

We offer agreements and consulting packages to other start-up makers such as ourselves. Plus, with over 60 skilled members using our facility, we love to help make your concepts a reality. Contact us to help you make something.


Our Work